Workshop & teaching archive,

2017 – ongoing

Documentation of workshops and assignments given as a tutor from 2017. Workshop Drama Type, ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres (FR), 2023; Gone Sip, God-Sib, Gossip, ESAAIX Aix-en-Provence (FR), 2022 (with Roxanne Maillet);  Gossip As Method, ISBA Besançon (FR), 2022 (with Roxanne Maillet); No More Erasure, La Raffinerie, Bruxelles (BE), 2018 (with Roxanne Maillet); assignments given to the DNMADE 1 Typo/Num at École Estienne ESAIG (FR), 2021; Summer School Know How/Show How, Chitalishte Trakia, Plovdiv (BG), 2018.