Performances: Phylactère n°1 and n°2,

Event curation in collaboration with Roxanne Maillet

Patati Patata, Entrée Principale, Rond-Point Project, Marseille, 2019

Päläpälä, Patatin Patatac, etcetera, Rond-Point Project, Marseille, 2019

Slow Motion, Centre d’Art Contemporain Chanot, Clamart, 2021

The editorial project Phylactère is gathering a moving community sharing multiple affinities for writing and orality. This community is expressing itself  through events we organise such as lectures, performances and workshops. Since 2019, we hosted several performances by Josèfa NtjamIanE Sirotaetaïnn zwer, Similigum, Cécil Serres, and Considered to be Allies (Margaux Parillaud and Mie Frederikke Christensen). These performances were transcribed in Phylactère n°1 and n°2.