Phylactère Readers 1 and 2,

Book design in collaboration with Roxanne Maillet, 12 × 21 cm, 66 p (2019) and 11.5 × 17.5 cm, 79 p (2023), riso printed.

Edited by Auriane Preud’homme, Camille Videcoq and Roxanne Maillet. With Immixtion Books, 2019 and 2023.


Conceived as part of the editorial development of Phylactère’s issues, two readers are compiling a series of texts. First reader is on the public voice of women; with texts by Jacqueline Aubenas, Marie Beard, Dorothy Allison, Silvia Federici, Chloé Chnigell, Ulises Carrión, Terry Tempest William, Emily Butterworth, Les Cahiers du GRIF n°13, Ramaya Tegegne, IanE Sirota, etc. The second reader documents invented, vernacular or subterranean languages such as Nüshu, Gayle, Polari, AAVE, Underground Railroad Quilt Codes, amongst others.