Disobedient Voices,

Audio-recording, in collaboration with Angelo Custodio. Poster design, 59,4 × 84,1 cm

Disobedient Voices, The Box, Arnhem, 2017. Gala Mimosa, Mains d’Œuvres, Saint-Ouen, 2018

Performance of an adaptation of Hannah Weiner’s Code Poems (1969), activated with Angelo Custodio at two opposites ends of the Rijkmuseum’s passage in Amsterdam. In Code Poems, Hannah Weiner uses the international code of signals; a visual system employed by ships at sea to communicate. She brings emotions and romanticism to otherwise standardised messages. Disobedient Voices is the recording of two bodies, attempting to communicate through a threshold, but their conversation is alienated by the tunnel. Their voices are heard and misheard, echoed, intertwined, transformed until exhaustion. Exhibited are two posters transcripting excerpts, accompanying the audio recording.