By Gossip I Mean Contaminate,

Sculptures, glazed ceramics, variable formats. Poem and lettering, printed as part of the publication Portail, 21 × 29,7 cm

Portail, DOC!, Paris, 2020

Poem set in hand-drawn typography, moulded into ceramics. The evolution of the term “gossip”, whose etymology “god-sibb” — translated to a strong and spiritual friendship amongst women during Middle Ages (essentially a godparent). Alongside witch-hunts and the reinforcement of a patriarcal and moralistic era, the word “gossip” gradually adopted a pejorative consonance, fed by diverse satires, theatre plays and other literary texts stigmatising women’s gatherings. From a positive term, “gossiping” was — and still is — considered as degrading and marginal. The poem speculates on a transgressive and empowering meaning to gossips, reclaiming a rebellious and subterranean form of language.