Phylactère n°1: Patati Patata,

Book design in collaboration with Roxanne Maillet, 24 × 33 cm, 96 p

Edited by Auriane Preud’homme, Camille Videoq and Roxanne Maillet. Published by Immixtion Books, 2020

Phylactère is an editorial and multiform journal transcribing performance with authentic, subjective and spontaneous visions; giving voice to amateurs, artists, designers and thinkers alike. Published by Immixtion Books, the journal focuses on the before and after of a performance; and brings together texts whose contributors have been the author, performer or viewer. It gathers transcriptions, scripts, protocols, drawings, photos, reports, poems, etc — revealing singular and imperfect verbal forms through the lens of composition and typography. (Photographs by Clara Prioux)