Phylactère n°1: Patati Patata,

Journal, 24 × 33 cm, 96 p, offset and riso printed
Founded and designed by Auriane Preud’homme and Roxanne Maillet
Edited by Auriane Preud’homme, Camille Videoq and Roxanne Maillet. Published by Immixtion Books, 2020

Phylactère is an editorial and multiform project transcribing performance with subjective visions; giving voice to amateurs, artists, designers and thinkers alike. The journal focuses on the before and after of a performance; and brings together texts whose contributors have been the author, performer or viewer under a common theme. It gathers transcriptions, scripts, drawings, photos, reports, poems, etc — giving them a new autonomous and printed status. Phylactère also experiments and archives new inclusive imaginaries from an intersectional perspective. Photographs by Clara Prioux