Lou tems passo, passo lou ben,

Sculptures, stained-glass, variables formats. Publication, black and white laser printed, 21 × 29,7 cm
As part of the presentation of my residency at the Contemporary Art Center Les Capucins, Embrun, 2023

Presentation of my research residency at the Contemporary Art Center Les Capucins in Embrun, during which I interviewed local artisans to discuss their creations, working conditions, relationship with time — to broaden our perspectives on the concept of artistic work. I produced a series of stained glass windows inspired by regional sundials, as well as a publication translating our conversations. With the words of Marguerite Barbier, jeweler; Léna Laville, carpenter; Léonie Schlosser, ceramist and cartographer; Odile Bonnaffoux, leatherworker; Agnès Marseille, formerly a raku ceramist and now an art-therapist; Anna Reinaudo, jeweler and leatherworker and Marie Solaly, artisan in cosmetics.