Gossiping is not (just) bitching,

Performance, 30 minutes, sculptures, glazed ceramics, variable formats

Festival SOÑJ avec Setu, site de Lanvoy, Hanvec, 2022. Passerelles À table, Magasins Généraux, Pantin, 2021.

Le Moyen Âge serait-il émancipateur ?, Les Abattoirs, Toulouse, 2021

Gossiping is not (just) bitching is addressing the history of gossips, the various forms and patterns this word borrows, thus without chronological or physical boundaries — speaking both of the stereotypes as well as the emancipatory and poetic significance it conceals. By using a digressive approach, role play, and props (ceramic masks and accessories), the performance explores gossips as a performative mode of expression, a subterranean form of communication, and a tool for political emancipation. (Photographs by Malo Legrand, Manon Ruelle, costume made by Elise Ehry)