Phylactère n°2: Oh là là!,

Journal, 19×25 cm, 116 p, offset and riso printed
Founded and designed by Auriane Preud’homme and Roxanne Maillet
Edited by Auriane Preud’homme, Camille Videoq and Roxanne Maillet. Published by Immixtion Books, 2020

The second issue of Phylactère, entitled Oh là là!, is inspired by the essay “The Gender of Sound” by Anne Carson. The author quotes an ancient greek lyric fragment of the archaic poet Alkaios of Lesbos, from the 7th century BC using onomatopoeias such as “Ololyga, ololyzo, eleleu, elelizo, alala, alalazo”. These sounds originate from ritualistic cries of women occurring in specific moments such as during childbirth, a sacrifice, or a moment of intense pleasure. These depictions were symptomatic of an alleged lack of control and rationality of women. Photographs by Léa Guintrand