Auriane Preud’homme **  I am a visual artist who lives and works in Les Lilas (FR). Through writing, performance, sculpture and independent publishing practices, I investigate various forms of orality and the slip between materiality and language. My work draws from multiple historical and/or contemporary narratives — often transmitted through oral sources, as diverse marginalised voices meant to be extended, fictionalised, or popularised. The forms I conceive are often imbued with a theatrical aesthetic. Recently my work includes interests in gossips, reality TV, representations of voices identifying as women in history/ancient literature, radical and feminist pedagogy, and independent publishing.


Since 2019, I am the co-founder of revue Phylactère (in collaboration with Roxanne Maillet, ed. Immixtion Books). Conceived as the vehicle of an approach that promotes the breaking down of barriers between editorial, curatorial, graphic, poetic and artistic practices, Phylactère explores the question of the relationship between performance, and its publication.


I am also teaching in several art/design schools and universities.

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