Auriane Preud’homme ** (b. 1992) I am an artist who lives and works in Paris. I graduated from the National School of Fine Arts of Lyon (FR), and the Werkplaats Typographie, Arnhem (NL). Through writing, performance, sculpture, and independent publishing practices; I investigate various forms of orality and the slip between materiality and language. I approach language as a malleable form that shapes political thought patterns and daily relationships. Recently my work includes interests for gossips, reality tv, representations of women’s voices, melodrama, radical and feminist pedagogy and independent publishing.


Since 2019, I am the co-founder of revue Phylactère, exploring the subjective transcriptions of performances into printed forms (in collaboration with Roxanne Maillet, ed. Immixtion Books). Phylactère embodies a feminist approach by archiving urgent and current intersectional revendications.


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